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Thread: leaf pack/basket placement

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    leaf pack/basket placement

    ok o a couple of weeks ago i had a leaf pack add to my XJ was a good thing that i took it to my friends shop to do it ..what a fight to get the old ones out ..right side was not too bad coming out but the left was the bitch .the main leaf was broken in half and the bolt on the front eye whole was seized ...we put the torches to it and half hour later out it came the leafs that were it had 4 leafs. now there are 7 . we use a mix of XJ leaf and a S10 leaf to get to the height i was looking for,i was thinking of adding a inch block also but choose not to go with it ...while i was under the XJ i have found more work for a later date ,welding some patches into the floors .. the summer this was ok but now they will have to be fixed .. well it turned out that my shocks i had on no longer work at this height ,thanks to Adam at dewitt jeep,he pointed me to Alex aka Jeepman who set me up with a pair of Skyjacker shocks ,look great and work just fine ,,thanks guys for the help on this !
    i will have to add 2inches to the Tcase plate also and 2inch coil blocks in the front coil springs and new front shocks too .i will see how that will work out for this season before i do any more mods to the suspension

    just to anyone who has never done this before get all your parts first so if there is a problem you will be able to do the job right the first time not like me having to wait 2 weeks to get things installed lolo

    i also added a basket to the top of the roof rack which was given to me by a friend here in town thanks Jim ..this was something that i had been looking to add but it was a question of money everything we all do ,lolo. i am really happy with the way it turned out gave me room for my 2 spare tires and an old jerry can ,now still have to add my high lift jack to the basket ,but that will come with time .

    ..any ways here are some pictures
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 0210001513.jpg   0214001635.jpg   0214001636.jpg   0211001444.jpg   0210001511.jpg  

    0210001509a.jpg   0211001442.jpg   0210001508.jpg   0214001634.jpg   0211001443.jpg  

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