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Thread: Rules for this forum

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    Rules for this forum

    Read This Before Posting In This Section.

    Please be advised that the Marketplace forums, are intended for posting the private individual sale of items and not for soliciting business for a company or corporation, bids on Ebay or other auction sites.

    Companies may only advertise their products and services after receiving prior written consent. Contact British Bulldog for more information. Any company that does attempt to advertise without consent will be classified as spam and banned immediately.

    This is the Marketplace, these are the rules set in place and they will be enforced.

    NO FEELERS, either your selling stuff or your not. If you are not sure you want to sell it, then do not post it for sale. If you wish to put a high price to make it worth your while, you are welcome to do so. Anything posted as a “FEELER” will be deleted.

    Item's for sale MUST have a location (for pick up or drop off) and a price.

    Please give as detailed a description as you can to aid potential buyers in making a decision. Items that could be included (but not limited to) are , specs, options, condition, age and pictures.

    It's okay to "bump" your thread, but please refrain from doing so more then once in a 24 hour period.

    Once a thread is longer needed (i.e. you have sold everything in it, or in the case of Want To Buy, you no longer need it) please use the “Report Post” button (as shown below) located at the bottom left of the post to inform Administration and Moderators so they can close the thread and move it to the Sold Archive.

    Do not post links to Kijiji ads that are not yours. (This rule also applies to any other classified type website.)

    No Auction type sales, including links to eBay ads (yours or not) or any other auction type site.

    No links to your ad on another site, without the full details on here.

    No sales/trade of firearms. This includes using the Want To Buy section if you are looking to purchase. Your thread will be deleted - no discussion.

    No sales of VIN tags and/or OEM tubs without VIN tags. This includes using the Want To Buy section if you are looking to purchase. Your thread will be deleted - no discussion.

    Sellers should consider looking through the want to buy section for people looking for the item you wish to sell, it may help you get a faster sale.

    Only post on threads where you have interest in purchasing something, your opinion is not asked for or warranted. If you are posting a question for the original poster, please make it relevant to the item for sale/trade/wanted. No chit chat, we have other sections for that.

    For the original poster, if you have issue with something that somebody has posted, use the “Report Post” button (as shown below) to ask Administrators/Moderators for assistance. No need to start a flame war in the Marketplace.

    There is a 60 day stale thread expiry for all marketplace sections. If there is no post activity in a thread for 60 days the thread will be deleted. If you wish to keep the thread alive, just make a BUMP post and it will bring it back to the top, When bumping, remember, only once in a 24 hour period.

    If you have an item for trade, please use the Trading Section. You must place a value on the item for trade so interested parties can gauge their interest.

    If u do not like these rules please by all means head to your closest Kijiji or eBay type site and post your stuff there.
    You may think the strict enforcement of these rules are harsh, thats fine you are entitled to your opinion. By abiding by the rules you create less work for the Administrators and Moderators, as they all volunteer their time to help here and have their own lives as well.

    There will be deleted posts/threads, warnings, infractions and possible banning to those who break these rules. We are hoping that, as adults, everyone can behave accordingly so this will not happen often.

    Thank you, for abiding by these rules, from your JeepKings Administrators and Moderators.
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