Visit and they will have the list of eligible vehicles. Also with 15yrs newer, you will need to bring the vehicle having daytime running lights and any form of km/hr showing on vehicle to a Canadian Tire only. You will pay an extra $195+gst in addition to gst on vehicle purchase at the border. (and applicable Provincial taxes).
Note: You can do the out of country/province inspection and all necessary repairs including the RIV compliance work at any garage that is OOP approved. The final inspection needs to be done at Canadian Tire and they ONLY check DTR lights and km/hr compliance.
Some vehicles (15 yrs or newer) require a DEALER's compliance paper.
IF 15+ yrs older, it can be modified (street legal though, ie; not a buggy). You do not need DTR lights nor km/hr ability. You still need the OOP, etc.

***IF it is newer than 15 years, than it can have ZERO modifications. However, it can have different than factory rims and tires. IF you have engine mods, suspension, exhaust,etc, and IF they catch it, be prepared to remove everything they deem modified on the USA side of the border you tried crossing. Once all modifications are removed, you can bring it back across and try again. Once legally in Canada you can put all modifications back on it.

Step 1: You need a Bill of Sale and Title transferred to you. The dealer or private seller can fax it up to you and you can sign it. Than photocopy it all and save everything. I also strongly suggest that the dealer/privateer send YOU the ORIGINAL title and than YOU fax it to the appropriate border facility.
That way, you KNOW it is done! (The original stays with you if you plan on going to the border to pick up vehicle or you plan on getting the vehicle at sellers location)
IF Travelling down to pick up vehicle: (when you get down there you need the ORIGINAL Title. i also redid the Bill of sale and got it signed by both of us. i included names, addresses, VIN#, year, manufacturer, model, etc. In other words lots of details. i carried EVERYTHING to the border. If it is listed for sale in a paper or site, copy the ad as well)

Step 2: You need to have an Export sheet filled out. Print one from here:
The links were all working as of Aug 29, 2011. if this link is broken just go to and search for above document.

Step 3: If you are driving it up here you will need a USA trip permit for EVERY state you drive through and a CDN In Transit permit.

Here is a link to the USA sites for some states:

For Alberta, you can go to registry with Insurance, Bill of Sale and Title (all photocopied) and they will issue you a 7 day permit for MECHANICAL INSPECTION. Its about $24. You can tell them the date you want it to start. You can renew it if needed. I am unsure of Ontario and other provinces.

Step 4: Fax Bill of Sale, Title and Export sheet to the right office based on which border you cross. Usually BC and Alberta crossings get sent to Whitlash, Montana.
All the crossing info is located here (hours, etc)
THIS HAS TO BE DONE IN THEIR OFFICE AT LEAST 72 Hours BEFORE YOU CROSS. i faxed it two days in a row just in case They will not confirm they got it but will call you if a problem.

Step 5: Take EVERYTHING you have done and bring it and the In Transit permit with you. Passport, etc. Grab vehicle with ORIGINAL title and Bill of Sale. Head up to the Border. Stick the In Transit permit on windshield (lower right).

STEP 6: Park on USA side and go into the office. Let them know you bought a vehicle. They will let you know you are good to go. i think (can't remember) they give you some paperwork to bring to Canadian side. Drive to Canada side and let them know you bought the vehicle. They will ask you to park it and come in with all your paperwork. They will have you fill out an RIV form (no charge if 15+ yrs old) and may/ may not search the vehicle. My first one was searched at Coutts crossing. The 2nd one was not at Kingsgate crossing. They do ask you if you have bought anything while gone. BE HONEST!!!! Its very cheap to pay duty/tax versus Lying and being in for a nightmare.
You will be asked to pay 5% GST (credit card) on the purchase price converted to CDN funds on the DAY you bring it over. Maybe they accept debit?

Step 7: You need to get a Out of Province (OOP) inspection done but first you need the OOP form from the Registry. They will want to see some of your paperwork. Bring it all. Bring that OOP inspection form to a OOP mechanic. Do inspection; bring that OOP paperwork with you back to the registry. They will issue you a plate and you are done!
There are time limits.

Good Luck!