Have you made a deal (sale, purchase, or trade) on JeepKings? Was it positive or negative? Want to let others know who is a good or bad seller, buyer, or trader?

This kind of feedback is very informative for the rest of the users on JeepKings. It may even come in handy for yourself some day. The more people use feedback the better it is for everyone.

How to leave feedback

1 - click the user's screen name

2 - a small window will open, click "View Profile"

3 - once in the user's profile, click "Feedback Score"

4 - then click "Submit Feedback for (user's screen name)"

5 - fill out the form, you will have a handful of drop downs and boxes to fill out
- "You were the" will have 3 options; Buyer, Seller, or Trade
- "Overall Experience" will have 3 options; Positive, Neutral, Negative
- "Deal Thread" it says optional, but it's a good idea to copy/paste the URL of the "For Sale", "Want to Buy", or "Trade" thread as future reference for other users
- "Short Comment" as it says, this section can be used as a quick read for users to see opinions of the deal
- "Additional Comments" a good place to put further info about the deal ONLY SEEN BY THE USERS INVOLVED AND JEEPKINGS ADMIN, if you wish to just copy/paste "Short Comment" that is acceptable, but something must be entered in this section

6 - scroll down and click "Submit Reply"

Simple as that, a few minutes of your time and some very helpful info is passed on to all members.

One thing to note, if you leave negative feedback JeepKings Admin will receive notification and the other user is able to dispute it. This does not mean that you shouldn't leave negative feedback, nor does it mean the feedback will be changed and/or deleted, but it does mean it should not be done unless it is justified.

Want to see a particular user's feedback left by others?

In Step 4, instead of clicking "Submit Feedback for (user's screen name)" chose "View Complete Feedbacks for (user's screen name)".