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Thread: No license and buying a vehicle; what's involved and how do I do it?

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    No license and buying a vehicle; what's involved and how do I do it?

    Quote Originally Posted by johnsonjeep101 View Post
    I think tj's are uuuuglay

    Thanks pippylongstockings for getting me into the square headlights and yj's!!
    The youth are so mislead these days...

    Perhaps the square headlights seem cool or retro to the 90's and 2000's sucklings but I remember the 80's when every car, truck and motorcycle (besides the classy ones)has square headlights
    They were ghey then and still are.

    Chrysler at least learned from their mistake and corrected it.

    Btw if you continue down the same path as pippi you may even end up with a H2 or 3 in your fleet. It's not a good path to be on.
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    Okay so...

    When I bought my parts/project XJ I had to present my driver's license. I can't remember if this was just 'government photo ID' or if they specifically wanted my Ontario Driver's License.

    Anyway the cost to the grubbermint is the registration, UVIP which is $20, and tax on either the purchase price or Blue Book Wholesale Value (probably Rough), whichever is greater. In my case I bought the XJ for $300, and the wholesale value for a 2001 Cherokee in rough shape was $1200, so I paid HST on the $1200. I registered as unfit so that was it. As mentioned DriveClean and safety certification are required to get the vehicle licensed for use on public roads. If the ID thing poses a problem you could have a parent hold onto it until you get your G1, family transfers are super cheap and don't have the usual conditions.
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    something else you will need, if you buy said jeep, if its more than 20yrs old you also require an appraisal for transfer of ownership. Buy the $20. package first, the employee behind the counter will inform you if you require one. Your used vehicle package will say $0.00 value meaning you pay tax on appraisal.
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    The MTO will want a driver's licence for transfer. My daughter's boyfriend bought a car without a licence and had to put it in his mother's name. But when you change it to your name after you get your G1, you and your mother/father just go to the MTO office and fill out a "gifting" form. This way you don't pay the tax again and you don't have to get the package. you just pay a transfer fee. Parents can "gift" a vehicle to the same child once a year. I have done this twice with my dad over the years.
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    Buy it, Wheel it. Have fun - worry bout legallities later :-D

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