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Thread: MTO jurisdiction on trails or unassumed roads?

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    MTO jurisdiction on trails or unassumed roads?

    What is the lowest level of road that the MTO has jurisdiction on? When can a non street legal vehicle be driven on a trail, or a non licensed driver?
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    unfortunately, the officer who was answering these questions in no longer able to do so, due to a change in OPP policy. its a shame. his input was very helpful and held in high regard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bandit86 View Post
    What is the lowest level of road that the MTO has jurisdiction on? When can a non street legal vehicle be driven on a trail, or a non licensed driver?
    by the letter of the law, never, even unassumed roads ar still public property and are road allowances. Trails require permits or plates. Private property is likely your only trye safe bet.
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    MTO authority is derived from the Highway Traffic Act and thus applies to roadways, highways, allowances, etc that are considered highways. A trail like, the rock, for example would not be considered a highway under the HTA.
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    ALL Public Property Would require you to have legal plates and Insurance as well as a Licenced operator... Private property is the only option as I see it...
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    Your vehicle must be insured if driven on public property. I have the HTA 2010. Please don't delete my post next time. Your "highway" branded vehicle may not receive ATV "brown" plates.
    The HTA goes beyond "highways" as indicated above. Even panhandling or soliciting businesses is against HTA everywhere. They make clear distinctions in each section as to where the law applies.

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