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Thread: Rectangular 4.0 intake manifold to horseshoe manifold?

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    Rectangular 4.0 intake manifold to horseshoe manifold?

    I have a 95 YJ. Im throwing an aftermarket header on (any guesses why?) And id love to get rid of my rectangular intake manifold and swap it for the later model horseshoe shaped manifold. I haven't got a horseshoe type manifold yet.

    In terms of number of/size of/location of vacuum ports, throttle body size, injector location, power steering pump mount brackets off the manifold blah blah blah, are these things the same or close enough between the two manifolds? Could I swap the manifold in my YJ and not have issues?

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    injector location looks identical, t/b looks the same also..
    # of vac ports looks good, might have to stretch one or two a bit
    if i remember right you'll have to figure out which gasket works best (head vs mani) but they are close (heresay..haven't done one myself) idea, but there's a few pics online that should give you a better idea
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    I may have this intake youre looking for. I'll have a look tonight. if I do you can have it for 12 pack of coors banquet.

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    I checked my spare intake and it has a crack.
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