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Thread: Bulldog revival

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    Bulldog revival

    After years of neglect and no time to work on her , I figured it was time to bring the bulldog back to life. With a hard push from Muddbunny.

    So here is the list of plans for this little project

    Picked up front and rear metal cloak arched fenders with 8" flare and rock rails. Thanks Lynn from Canadian shield 4x4 outfitters for expediting these for me.
    I sent fenders off to be painted white
    the flares and rock rails were sent off to CTDNUT for powder coating

    Next I needed to build a new battery tray to go with the new odyssey 2250 battery . the factory tray did a lot of damage to my old odyssey and since I would have to modify old tray for the metal cloak fenders I figured good time to build a new one.

    Seeing as the shocks were not the greatest quality, it was time to upgrade them. So we ordered new fox 2.0 shox. Fun part was trying to find length specs. At fox website they don't list all their different sizes to choose from. you cant go any further without giving vehicle information. But since my jeep is mildly modified that direction wouldn't work for me. after searching everywhere I decided to just punch in vehicle information. when I clicked on vehicle make and scrolled, right at the bottom was universal. I clicked on it and sure enough there was all the information I had been searching for.

    other things on the list are
    replace catalytic converter
    install heavy duty ARB airlines
    Tune up
    rear shackles
    replace springs , they have sagged after 14 years
    install CB
    and a bunch of minor adjustments

    Il have pics up once I have more progress madeClick image for larger version. 

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    atta boy!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    a learning experience is one of those things that says, you know that thing you just did...don't do that again.

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    Woot about time
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    right on
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