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Thread: Tacoma Suspension Fix - Timbren SES rubber springs?

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    Tacoma Suspension Fix - Timbren SES rubber springs?

    Hi Guys!
    I've got a 2013 Toyota Tacoma Double cab 4x4 that needs a suspension fix for carrying a load. Whenever I carry my ATV or snowmobile in the bed the rear suspension sags and any little bump in the road causes the suspension to bottom and hit the bump stop. My truck is fitted with a 4 leaf rear suspension and when at static rest with no load there is 4" clearance between the top leaf and the frame.
    I have looked into a product manufactured by TIMBREN in Whitby Ontario. Specifically, their S.E.S. (Suspension Enhancement System) rubber springs. Timbren recommends the " TORTUN4" model which is rated for 6,000 lb. They also have a "TORTUN4L" which has a lower rating of 3,000 lb. The 6,000 lb model seems a bit much which might result in a much harsher ride??
    Does anybody on JeepKings have any prior experience or knowledge of TIMBREN's products and could you provide your honest opinion??
    Thanks, Dean

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    I installed the timbren system on my dodge ram, worked great. I had no issues at all and very easy install. I strongly recommend it.
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    I can't believe I'm going to post on Jeepkings.... Its been a while

    OP if you haven't checked yet check out Tacoma world you'll find the answer there.
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