After 26 years of enjoying driving and building this Jeep it's time to sell it to try something new.
It is an '89 YJ body on a TJ frame that has been highly customized to become a very capable off-roader, especially rock crawling, while still being street legal and drive well on the road. Almost everything except the body has been upgraded over the years. It is built very strong and could handle bigger tires (after some body trimming). Here are some highlights and note that all upgrades were bought new. Contact me for a detailed list.
4.2L I6 block with 4.0L head, MOPAR MPI kit ('94 fuel injection system), and Borla exhaust. Engine was rebuilt in 2000.
NV4500 manual transmition with 5.61:1 first gear, adapted to fit the engine.
Dana 300 t-case with TeraFlex 4:1 gears and twin-stick, and HD output shaft.
Tera 60 axles custom built to Jeep width, 4.56 gears and ARB air lockers.
Lowest gear ratio: 102:1!
BFG 35" x 12.50 KM3 bought in 2019 (spare is an older 35" Krawler).
'05 TJ frame with Clayton Hard Arm long arm suspension, 5.5" lift coils.
Custom build DOM roll cage.
Homebuilt bumpers, tire carrier, side steps/rock sliders, trunk, and more.
Premier Power Welder, arc welder that runs off a special alternator from Premier.
On board air using an engine driven A/C compressor.
Warn HS9500i winch with synthetic line.
Odometer shows 232k kms, though it's more like 250k kms. In the last 20 years it's only been on the winter salt a few times so the frame and drivetrain are in great shape. The body was painted in ~1996 with the Mi-24 Hind helicopter camo scheme and refreshed in 2001, so it's in pretty good shape except for the floor in front of the driver's seat is rusted through and will need to be repaired. The engine and drivetrain run great.
Asking $11,000, as is. If not sold by November I'll entertain parting it out.
Located in Munster, just West of Ottawa.
And one last thing, you can also cook hot dogs on the manifold!

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