A Super Duty has been broke down and stuck in the sand dunes just the next road over from my house for about a month with a few attempted recoveries but no success, I just learned about it recently.

The truck had no steering(broken tie-rod at the pitman arm), both front tires were off the beads(both inner and outter beads), no 4x4(blown front driveshaft) and it would no longer start up.. we believe the front driveshaft hit and damaged the fuel lift pump.

So we made a plan to go in there on Saturday to get him out, tried to reseat the beads with some starter fluid but they were deep dish wheels that were too wide for the rubber so that was a no go.

So we swapped one wheel/tire combo with one that was on the bead to get him rolling but on the passenger side one of the lugs were completely stripped and the design of the wheels wouldn't let us get in there with the field tools we had so left it as is.

Next up we tried to get the tie rod replaced but the old one was mangled, bent and seized in there, some penetration oil, taps from a BFH, pipe wrench etc no luck.

So after that we strapped it the best we could and started to yank, pull and push to get him to a spot where a tow truck could get him.

YouTube video with compilations of the recovery can be found here: