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Thread: Who is up for going to the Orangeville Mud Bogs this Sunday?

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    Who is up for going to the Orangeville Mud Bogs this Sunday?

    Ok who is up for the mud bogs here in the Orangeville area? They start at 12, I was thinking of meeting at Timmy's in Orangeville around 11 or 11:30. I can be there by around 11:30. Anyone up for just convoying in and a general hangout for the afternoon. If you want to run the bog you have to be there between 9 and 11.
    Heck even his ad pic has a YJ in it.
    The directions are:
    Hwy 10 north from Brampton to Hwy 9 west.
    Go west on 9 to 7th line of Amaranth and it is at the corner of 7th line and 5th sideroad.

    If I don't see you at Timmy's I hope to see you at the bogs.
    The tim's I am thinking of is the one at the west end of Orangeville on Broadway / Hwy 9.
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    I will definetly be at the mud bog. But I am thinking i'm going to drive in it, rather then just watch. I went in the one in the spring and it is pretty good. There must of been about 75 trucks there. Me and two of my buddies from Orangeville here are all going, but we're gonna be going in it so we won't see you at Tim Horton's. It'll be a good time there though, for sure.
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    This sounds like a plan, as long as the weather is better then last year
    May see you all there.
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    i'll be there on the side lines cuz some b*tch cut me off and wrote my truck off last season

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    You do realize the previous posts are from Oct 2004. I think they've left the Timmies.

    Might wanna try this thread for meeting up.
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    Lmao Oya
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