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Thread: steering box seal question-please help

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    steering box seal question-please help

    I have a 89 YJ . the bottom seal is leaking on the steering box. I can't seem to get the box off as I don't have air or heat. Is it possible to replace the seal/seals with the box still on the jeep. If it is, how hard is it.?
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    Howard did mine for $140 something if I'm not mistaken... sometimes it's easier to pay someone.

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    It is pretty simple, pull pitman arm off,take snap ring off,start jeep and gently turn wheel and seall will pop out. Clean shaft off(if lots of rust and pits on seal it may leak after new seal installed.

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    Mine wouldn't pop, seized solid. Tried for 3 hours, couldn't chip/wedge/cut it out. Ended getting a used box from Jeepman for $75 and installing that. $180 for a seal seems steep, it's a $10 part.

    Under normal conditions, Sean is right: Remove pitman arm nut, pitman arm, start jeep and turn all the way left (or right) to lock. The pressure in the box will blow the old seal out.

    Without air, I'd pay someone.
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