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Thread: Rest in peace 1TONTOY

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    Rest in peace 1TONTOY

    I don't post on here much anymore, and most won't know thIS gentlemen - but this was a GREAT man and was well known in the western 4x4 wheeling forums..."1TONTOY" and you need to know who this cool dude was ...

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Tate, but the plan was to someday visit Tate out west, and explore that beautiful western wheeling terrain.

    Although I never met him in person, his unique personality definitely came through the screen. A very funny guy, very knowledgable, so helpful, gave us J**P guys a terrible time - Both Jamie and I are very sad to have read this, and again even though I never met him - I have a deep sense of loss.
    Tate helped out around krawlerz as an Administrator and I had such a huge sense of appreciation for him - even when krawlerz club hit hard times, Tater was unphased and just kept hammering out his thoughts on the forum, kept us informed, entertained and at times scratching our heads

    The Krawlerz banner up at the top of the forum is gonna feature Tate, as well as

    Life ... so unpredictable, can turn you upside down at any moment ...

    I firmly believe we're all here to make an impact of some sort and on something or someone. Tate touched me for sure, I won't soon forget him.
    This is a wake up call to me, and I am deeply honoured and proud to say I regarded him as a friend.

    God IS with Tate and God will bless his family.

    Paul and Jamie-Leah Papoutsis
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    Amen, and farewell Tate.
    If I was a Jeep, they'd have parted me out a LONG time ago.

    I'm a proud member of SOXJA ask me why!

    Krawlerz team member too!

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